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One to One

Sessions include a combination of Life Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy, as well as a variety of other techniques, tailored to your needs. They can take place face to face or via zoom, wherever you are in the world. These sessions are solution focused, to enable you to make changes to live your best life.


These affordable online courses are a fantastic way to assist you in specific areas, to enable you to gain knowledge and understanding, as well as strategies on how to move forward. These can be done in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. All with fantastic results!


Come along to one of the many wellbeing events on offer. These can be attended with friends and family, or flying solo. You will always feel welcome alongside like-minded people, wanting to feel great about themselves.


A variety of resources are available to support your mental well being, leading to a happier, more fulfilled life

About Me


Hi, my name is Claire McNulty and I am a Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist.


I'm on a make therapy accessible to as many people as possible.

That's why  I offer a variety of different options to assist you on your journey of change, to enable you to shape your own future. 


I provide one to one sessions, workshops, online courses, downloads and free advice (through various social media platforms), so there is something for everyone.

I am passionate about empowerment and change! Working alongside people to make adjustments in their life and their mindset, to allow them to live a fulfilling happy and successful life!

Whether those changes mean healing from and letting go of the past, changing your thoughts, feelings or behaviours, overcoming obstacles and fears, making lifestyle choices, ridding yourself of unwanted habits, or you simply just want to feel happier,

I can assist you on your journey.


I use a variety of coaching techniques in my sessions, as well as clinical hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP, CBT, Breathwork and Mindfulness, to enable individuals to achieve their goals.

All one to one sessions are tailored to what you need.

Why choose me? Because I get it! I've been there; feeling stuck, following the same patterns of negative thoughts and behaviours and suffered trauma and grief in my past. I have worked through it all and came out the other side, now living my best life!


Let me help you too!



Claire, you have helped me find myself again. It's such a wonderful feeling. I had such low self esteem, constant self doubt, allowing others to be critical of me and any decisions I made in life, if it wasn't benefiting them. I had no confidence, I was always overthinking situations, it was just awful. I have past trauma and you have helped me heal and move on from these and not allow it to affect my life now. I accept that I can't change my past but I am in control of my future. I no longer fear being alone and know that I am an amazing mummy and am capable of my studies. I won't let the opinions of others affect me and my future decisions. Claire you are so friendly, sensitive and compassionate. I felt at ease straight away. I really can't thank you enough. You have changed my life for the better.



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